Coronavirus Testing: How does a Thermal scanner help in Detecting the coronavirus?

Coronavirus Testing
Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus Testing: A coronavirus scanner is a device that captures heat. The device connects a smart sensitive camera that is sensitive for heat objects and when you trace somebody’s temperature it appears brighter.

These thermal scanners are safe to use as it has no harmful radiation involved. Nowadays the risk of coronavirus has been increasing like a thunderstorm and people are much concerned about the disease.

WHO World Health Organization has also announced a pandemic issue. Coronavirus has infected thousands of people and equal people have died of this disease.

Thermal scanners have been used as a security smart object that can detect the increased body temperature and now it has been used at the airports, national highways, hospitals, and other places and skeptical people directly sent to the hospitals for extra inquire and examination.

Not all the people get a fever by Covid-19 but yes this is also a major symptom of this virus. People having old age or diabetes or young people and weak immunity can raise the body heat as our body tries to fight with viruses and cause temperature.       

How does it work?

The Thermal scanner works like an infrared camera that detects heat objects rapidly. One has to on the device and places it to the forehead or any body part of the victim and the device will show if the person has a fever or not.

The Thermal scanner can detect 40 degrees Celsius to 500 degrees Celsius temperature and creates a thermal image of the object and appears a beep sound if found high temperature. When a person passes through by a thermal scanner, instantly it informs the body heat.   

It appears results in centigrade or Fahrenheit. If the body temperature is 99 Fahrenheit or more than that it means the person has increased body temperature.

Thermal scanners are one of the best devices that have been using on a high grade all over the world and many people detected positive by this device and it helped to save many people.

There are advanced thermal scanners cameras that have been installed to the airports and thousands of people are being tested through these cameras.

Can Thermal Scanners Detect Coronavirus?

Coronavirus affected many countries and people and due to the higher jeopardy all the malls, theatres, parks, supermarkets, schools, colleges are shut down even exams are also postponed by the government. Some countries a strict lockdown has been followed by natives so people can stay secure and safe at their home.

Thermal scanners are basically used to detect body temperature or fever. As you know coronavirus has become the biggest issue and concern so thermal scanners are playing a great role to detect those people who have enhanced temperature or fever.

Fever is a prior symptom of coronavirus, a thermal scanner can’t detect coronavirus infection. There may be other causes exist that can raise body heat or cause fever.

People who are infected with coronavirus feel fever, headache, weakness, breathing difficulty, and flu symptoms and it can take 2 to 10 days for proper symptoms.

Each person feels different symptoms so having a fever is not the indication that you have coronavirus.

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How to Test for Coronavirus: (Coronavirus Testing)

Coronavirus has killed thousands of people and yet there is no particular test kit available to examine corona.

Coronavirus can only test in specially certified labs or government hospitals. There are several tests available to detect coronavirus like:-

A Nasal Test:

A nasal solution has been injected by using a testing material to collect samples and it doesn’t appear any pain.

A Swab Exam:

In coronavirus testing, a swab exam is most important. They will collect the sample from your throat or nasal area by using cotton.

A Tracheal Exam:

They will insert a thin tube that is known as a bronchoscope into the lungs gently to collect the sample.

Blood Test:

They will collect your blood for analyzing coronavirus or other viral infections. It will detect also the novel coronavirus.

Sputum Test:

They will collect mucus from your nose or lungs to examine corona.

You will only need to perform these tests when you are facing any corona symptoms or linked with an infected person. If anybody traveled from another country and facing the symptoms like sore throat, coughing, cold, fever, headache and you have met the person then make sure a proper lab test.

As you know there is no proper vaccine available for corona so prevention is the best way to secure yourself.

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Do’s and Don’ts:


Wash your hands properly with soap and use a hand sanitizer that must be alcohol-based.

Avoid going in the crowd and avoid meeting with people especially those who are NRI or departure from foreign countries.

If you feel any symptom directly go for the proper investigation and be in quarantine for some time so others can stay safe and secure.

Destroy the mask (surgical mask) or any tissue paper that you have used after sneezing or coughing. 

Eat more salad and drink plenty of water to boost up the immunity and also do breathing exercises.

Spread more awareness regarding coronavirus so other people can also understand it.


Don’t sneeze or cough openly and always use a mask that can protect you from a virus.  

Don’t shake hands with people, they may be infected.

Don’t spread any hoax news regarding coronavirus.

Don’t eat preservative food as they can harmful to you. 


The entire world has been facing a huge difficulty and trying every possible way to cure coronavirus. The experts are also trying their best to find out the vaccine or any cure for coronavirus.

Only the awareness and proper guidance can save people so we all have to work together and follow the rules and regulations. Coronavirus is not a joke WHO and other health associations are much worried about that.   

We also request you to stay at home and use proper precautions and stay safe. If you have any questions ask us here.

So, friends, we hope that after going through the above Coronavirus Testing will surely help you.

Written by Dr Maria MD

MD Board Certified physician
8 years of experience in health care
Former Naturopath at the UK
Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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