Is it Bad to Sleep with a Bra on Every Night

It might be if it is a new habit. Sleeping or lying down at night gives your body a break from the pull of the earth’s gravity on your spine – you wake up a little taller than you did the night before.

Also, while you are awake for lengthy periods of time, your eating and drinking habits alter, causing your digestive system to be constantly agitated since it likes uniformity and seeks consistency so it can work its process without interruption.

Sleeping also helps your mind to work through some of its issues so that you don’t have to worry about them – I often have difficulties sleeping every night – restless legs, diabetic neuropathy, older age, back problems, etc. And when I don’t sleep, I have a more depressed attitude on things, feel exhausted, puffy, and my digestion system is all out of sync, so it does make a difference when your body can’t find the time to de-stress and rest.

You could ask a doctor or a counselor for help, either through medicine or relaxation exercises, to allow you a small rest time on the nights you don’t sleep, but originally mankind rose with the sun and slept when the sun set; our natural rhythms are linked to the solar and lunar cycles, and we probably function better when we don’t fight our natural inclinations at every point of conflict.

Written by Dr Maria MD

MD Board Certified physician
8 years of experience in health care
Former Naturopath at the UK
Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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