Eat 3 Dates Daily for a Month Surprising Things Will Happen!

Eat 3 Dates Daily for a Month
Eat 3 Dates Daily for a Month

Eat 3 Dates Daily for a Month Surprising Things Will Happen!: Dates are said to be an ancient food item which is miraculously amazing and now many scientists have been proved that dates are being in used from thousands of years ago and people love to eat this cause it’s sweet taste as well as its surprising benefits.   

This tiny brown and wrinkled fruit can be eaten fresh, dried or in different forms and you can also make yummy sweet dishes and shakes using dates.

Dates include several healthy nutrients and minerals and especially eaten in the winters provides lots of health benefits. They are rich in potassium, iron, vitamin B and vitamin B6, magnesium, riboflavin, copper and many other vitamins which are good for your health.

Dates are loaded with fiber and vitamin A and vitamin K that are good for your overall health and wellness. Many experiments done on dates benefits on the human body proved that “ dates is one of the ideal food of whole season which has hundreds of useful benefits and every aged person can have these effective benefits”.

In this article, we are going to mention some benefits of dates and also tell what would to your body when you eat 3 Dates daily? So let’s take a closer look at that:

1. Work as an Energy Booster:

Only eating 3 dates daily can raise your energy level up and you will feel active and energetic after that for sure. Dates contain 15 special minerals which are known for their energetic contents.

So instead of taking any energy bar or energy drink try to eat dates and see the positive results. Other energy products have artificial sugar and other harmful ingredients added but dates are naturally sweet and natural nutrients instantly make you feel good.   

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2. Good for the Digestive System:

Digestive troubles are the most common issue of thousands of people in this world but if you eat only 3 dates in a day then you will be surprised to know that your digestive system will become healthy and balanced.

Dates contain soluble fiber that goes perfectly with your bowel management. If you are facing diarrhea then eating dates can cure this as well. Or if constipation is bothering you then also there is a solution. But not to eat in much amount or tons of dates only 3 or 4 dates are enough for your problem.      

Dates increase the number of good bacteria in your digestive tract which provides a long-lasting healthy digestive system and makes you feel good.

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3. Promotes Heart Health:

Dates are rich in potassium and iron which promotes cardiac health. Potassium and iron is good for your heart and if you only want to improve your heart health then soak 2 dates for overnight and the next day eat them an empty stomach and chew well.

Eating 3 dates on the regular basis can prevent severe heart failure and the risk of a stroke and it has been proved via many studies and researchers.  

It also reduces the bad cholesterol level or LDL in your body and provokes healthy cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is said to be an enemy of your heart.  

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4. Excellent for Bone Health:

Selenium, magnesium, and manganese are superb ingredients for your bones and make your bones healthy and strong. As time passes you grow old with the time so as your bones become weak and a lack of proper diet can raise dangerous bone-related diseases.

Man or woman both face bone related issues so if you want to prevent this then start eating dates as soon possible. And there is nothing tricky or doing any extra work for eating them.

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5. Prevent of Cancer:

Dates include selenium and 23 types of amino acids which are known for their fabulous power to prevent from cancer. According to many health organizations and studies on millions or people announced that cancer is one of the most spreading diseases of this world which is killing people silently and rapidly and still scientists are finding the proper solution for that.

Well, we must say that dates have such quality which can prevent the risk of cancer and there is no side effect or adverse effects of eating them.

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6. Make Balance of your Iron Level:

Anemia is one of the common diseases of this world and you will defiantly find anemic patients around you or even you will be one of them.  As we said before that dates have iron and magnesium and many other factors that fulfill the lack of iron in your body naturally.

You need not to take any supplements or tablets for enhancing the iron level of your body. Especially for a pregnant woman, dates can become a superfood for them and only eating 3 dates regularly can maintain the iron level of your body.

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7. Reduces Allergic Reaction:

The natural compounds added in dates fights with the symptoms of allergy and relieve it. the studies proved that seasonal allergic rhinitis or SAR is quite common is many people and sometimes weak immunity or heredity can be responsible for that but if you eat 3 dates regularly then this issue can be cured naturally. 

Special note:

Diabetic patients must consult their doctor before consuming dates. Though it has natural sweetness still expert advice is necessary.

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As you see that dates done many tremendous effects on your body and the other attractive fact is that this delicious fruit is easily available near you. You can make smoothies with them; you can add them into your cake or pudding or simply eat just like that.  

You must remember that this ancient food was the favorite food item of those days so there must be some hidden advantages which are still unveiled.

We hope that you would like this article and this precious benefits and if you are not eating dates then start soon because you will only be going to get benefits, next time meet you with new information and with new remedy till then we will pray that you stay healthy and fit.

Written by Dr Maria MD

MD Board Certified physician
8 years of experience in health care
Former Naturopath at the UK
Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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